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21 novembre 2009 6 21 /11 /novembre /2009 15:22
Hi friends,

I promised, and I do!!! So, perhaps you already had a look on this site. I know it's difficult for you to understand. But now, you can understand how it's as difficult for me everyday here. Then, I have to speak and I'm sure it's less easy.
Now, you know too it's a real free space for my brain to meet people who speak French!!!

So it's the last day in South Africa for me. It was a really good experience with all their wild and opened areas (even if we can see too much fences everywhere, especially around all living places!!!). You can see all the pictures on this site (on the other pages) or on the link you can find on the main page (first page). In the right side, it's called "toutes mes photos".
For this case, pictures can explain better than words.

We'll leave South Africa, tomorrow, to travel through Namibia, then Botswanwa to Vic falls in Zimbabwe. Still lots of animals and different wonderful landscapes to see and discover.
Special Croc speech : Thanks for all your advices, my friend. No worry I really will visit you in your second country!!!! What Nomad propose to us is exactly what we spoke together about. But in 20 days. You're faster!!!

I won't forget to let you know about the emotions I feel during this travel. But you have to learn French to completly understand! Sorry for you cause it's a difficult language, sure!

Kim and Amber. The sleeping bag is still in my backbag but the temperature is too hot now, to use it. So, I promise to take pictures as soon as I have to put my body inside.

Then, I really will try to write one page per month in English just for you. But you have to answer me in return. Or I'll stop immediatly!!!

Best, guys. Enjoy your life!!!

Guillaume, Frenchy.

Just for fun, one picture : as we say in France : SANTE!!! (it's only beer, Kim, no more Tequila for me!!!)

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do 26/11/2009 09:18

Le petit traité de Tesson est un livre incontournable! j'ai pris des notes!!! Bonne lecture,bonne contemplation et bonne marche!

Bubulle 22/11/2009 13:51

Belle prestation Paco Je suis très loin de pouvoir en faire autant... même si j'ai compris tes mots!!
Bonne continuation en Afrique.
Pour le foot, on s'en tape!... tant que le rugby français nous fait réver!  Nos bleus ont plus que dominé les

nini 22/11/2009 08:15

Hello à vous 2,

désolé  pour cet article je l'ai survolé, je suis carément nulle en anglais donc bon...
en tous cas de voir le soleil, nous réchauffe un peu.
et pour vous c'est mieux comme temps pour faire ce tour du monde.
bises à vous à bientot pour les autres articles.

bonne namibie

richard 21/11/2009 23:53

I understand you ! You  doing great guiguite la frite , or guiguite the french fries! lol. So i hope you enjoyed your trip in South africa, i enjoyed too behing my computer screen. I can't
feel the sun on my face but i travel across your picture and your pics make me dream. Your a lucky man "french fries"!.
I would like to sharing a sentence with you: "The only real discovery consist not in seeking new landscape but in  having a new eyes." Marcel Proust
So enjoy!, enjoy your trip , enjoy every thing you ll meet on the road and see you soon in namibia.(behind my computer)
By the way the picture look like a baboons right?
bye richard

Guillaume 16/12/2009 21:15

Hi girl!
First, I absolutly want to be sure you know Marcel Proust is French!!! Then for the baboons, I know they eat bread but I'm sure they don't drink beer!!! So, it's not baboon in your screen!!! Stop
now what you smoked but carry on to enjoy the pictures!!!
Thanks for your comment, it's a pleasure to read you.

"Il n'y a que les routes qui sont belles et peu importe où elles nous mènent..." 21/11/2009 22:41

Hello Cousin,
I would like you to know that I follow your travel since the beginning thanks to the blog! But I hadn't let a comment yet because I didn't know what to put inside. What a beautiful experience
you're living ! Landscapes we can see in photos must be a thousand times more nice in reality !!
Here, all continues... The way that you choose makes me dream ! Thank you to let us share it !

Cécile, ta cousine à l'âme voyageuse !

Guillaume 16/12/2009 21:11

You're welcome cousine!!!
If you just want to speak English with me, no problem!!! But for reading English, just wait, cause I promised to write one page a month in English. Not more. It's already so difficult for my brain
just to speak all the day. I'm sure you will understand me! But you're English is very good.
Finally, you're right : reality is so much nicer than pictures. That's why I left, no?
Enjoy and I really hope it will give you some good ideas!!! And congratulations for Mali!